We are proud of our experience

Being one of Sri Lanka's leading manufacturing and marketing company of Spices, Flour, Seed Products, beverages , Grains powder and pasta products in Sri Lanka, we hope to become a Sri Lankan renowned Manufacturer, Distributor in our products.

Maintaining the quality standard is our identity. We ensure the best quality in each and every product.

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Recent Products

It’s all about good food

Giving certified foods with quality standards which we have achieved certifications & company standards are according to the standards of consumer health as per the rules & regulations of consumer health Authority standards.

We have been continually checked each and every step relevant to the experiments & consultations in order to improve the quality of the product & introducing new products.

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experience the best food

Try our best to give our customers through each and every product of us.We will soon be one of your favorites.

Chairman’s message

Our main objective is to hand over high quality,healthy food products with natural ingredients. Now a days sri Lankan community is suffering from non-transmitted diseases just like diabetics,high blood pressure,cholesterol from very little ages and the possibility is in a high level.the reason is consumption of artificial food products and lack of exercises. Our target is to supply natural food products instead of artificial food products under the trade name “Nelco”.Our commodities products also made up of natural ingredients and our grain products like rice flour,kurakkan flour are also free of artificial flavours. Releasing good quality,natural food products to the customers is the most valuable thing for me and the greatest happiness. That’s my wealth.


Our main spice products

Sri lanka is well known for spices from the ancient times. So sri lankans know the real spice taste.our objective is to supply them good quality spice projects.

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