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Turmeric Powder 25g


Turmeric Powder 25g

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Turmeric powder

Nelco turmeric powder is derived from 100% Ceylon pure turmeric roots. Turmeric is used for foods to improve their color and nutritional value. The major bioactive compound in turmeric is curcumin. It is a potent antioxidant and able to boost brain-derived neurotrophic factors also curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound it makes sense that it helps with arthritis.

turmeric may also revive skin by bringing out its natural glow and help wounds heal, and treat acne by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. Curcumin is a high antioxidant compound hence boosting your collagen production and strengthening the elasticity of your skin.

Nelco turmeric powder gives a nice appearance and nutritional value to your food recipes and boosts your body by improving your health.

 100g of turmeric powder
 100% pure turmeric powder
 No artificial colors
 No artificial flavors
 No corn, porcine, or yeast

Health benefits of turmeric
• Cancer cell killer
• Boosts immunity
• Blood sugar balance in diabetes
• Anti-depressant
• Anti-oxidant
• Wound healing
• Liver detoxification
• Reduce cholesterol level
• Digestive aid

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