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Gamboge Creem 250g


Gamboge Creem 250g

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Nelco gamboge cream is produced using dried gamboge fruits. It is a major source of hydroxyl citric acid. Hydroxyl citric acid is an important supplement for managing weight, therefore, gamboge mostly uses for weight reduction other than that gamboge contains vitamin c, calcium, and fiber. Gamboge cream is used for flavoring curries, and curing meat and fish. It gives a sour flavor to foods.

 100g of cream
 No artificial colors
 No artificial flavors
 No corn, porcine, or yeast

Culinary uses
• use it as a condiment in fish and prawns.
• gamboge is used with salt to cure fish
• It is used as a substitute for Kokum butter and a common additive to make meals more filling.
• Use for flavoring curries
• Cooking with gamboge destroys histamine in fish up to 80%

Health benefits of gamboge cream
• Hydroxyl citric acid present in gamboge is an important supplement for managing weight
• Enhanced energy level
• Improves Metabolism
• Lowers cholesterol
• Improve digestion
• Improve heart health

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